I am truly doing what I love!

I am lucky... I turned a love of nautical charts and maps into an awesome business! It is really rewarding and fun for me to explore & find just the right map image or images for my customers. I reallly enjoy the custom orders the most! 2018 will mark the beginning of our 4th year and I am excited to offer some of our newest ideas... fabric shades (mine or yours) and our Firefighter line of lampshades.

Thanks for checking us out and it would be a pleasure to create something especially for you... please don't hesitate to convo me if you have any questions or want to place an order. Thank you!

Note - my previous Etsy store "expired" and my start date is incorrectly listed as 8/18/15...but I really started this business full time in January 2015. Unfortunately this means I lost a lot my reviews and sales numbers... but I know they will replenish soon!

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